Here are a few of the ~1,000 articles I’ve published over the past 20 years, (sometimes under the pen name Ivy Lazar.)



Think Scripted TV Isn’t Educational? Watch A French Village

“The Ancient Art of Yoga, and Why It’s Relevant Today”

“The Cheapening of Language” 

“When Socialism Plays Out, Expect Misery”

“It’s the President’s Right to Pardon Whomever He Chooses”

“Feel You’ve ‘Completed’ Your Life? You Can Die Now”

“Does It Pay to Appease an Evil Regime?”

“What Would Charlie Want?”



Marie Claire Australia Crime Feature 1

Marie Claire Australia Crime Feature 2

Marie Claire Australia Crime Feature 3

Marie Claire Australia Crime Feature  4

Marie Claire Australia Crime Feature  5



Alex Trebeck

Angie Dickinson

Ann Miller

Ashlee Simpson 1

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Ashley Judd

Barbra Streisand

Botox Boom

Brad and Jen

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Britney Hospital


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Robert Blake

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